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DURAthin Veneers

DURAthin Veneers

Dreaming of a new smile but concerned about removing healthy enamel in the process? DURAthin dental veneers provide the solution you need. DURAthin veneers are very thin porcelain veneers that adhere directly to the front of teeth without removing any enamel. The result is a brighter, larger and more youthful smile!

DURAthin Veneer Process

Preserving your natural smile without damaging your enamel has never been easier.  In this procedure:

  • The shape of the veneer is artistically designed by layering the porcelain so it looks natural. 
  • The appropriate techniques are selected so that the end result does not look thick or bulky.
  • The contact lens-like veneers are bonded directly to teeth without any grinding or shaving. This means for some patients, no drilling as well!
  • The end result is a beautiful, natural looking new smile!

Are you a good DURAthin candidate?

A new smile with DURAthin may be right around the corner for you. Generally, good candidates will be any of the following:

  • People who have narrow smiles.
  • People that have had teeth extracted for orthodontic reasons in the past.
  • Individuals who are looking to "turn back the clock" and gain a more youthful smile.

Don't go another day feeling self-conscious about your smile, call Sunstone Dental Care today at 702-837-6555 and ask how DURAthin can give you your dream smile!